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NACS Show 2024

  • Las Vegas Convention Center

  • Conference: October 7-10, 2024

  • Expo: October 8-10, 2024

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NRA Chicago 2024 

Food & Beverage Award Winners
-FABI at NRA 24

National Restaurant Show Recap

NRA was especially busy this year! I have attended the show for a couple of decades now and and I feel like we have in many ways entered new territory with several significant trends emerging.  

One is technology, with a focus on integrating AI and data analytics into foodservice management such as AI-driven menu recommendation to automated bartenders, robotic chefs and robotic servers. These technologies are designed to optimize operations, elevate diner experiences, and mitigate labor shortages through efficient solutions like automated food preparation and data-driven customer insights.

Non-alcoholic beverages, especially boba tea and other specialty drinks were ubiquitous, reflecting the strong growth in the category particularly with Gen Z.

Sustainability remains a paramount focus, with exhibitors showcasing plant-based and more pragmatic sustenance, as well as green technology innovations aimed at mitigating the environmental impact of restaurant operations

The trends are clear and demonstrate the drive to innovation and sustainability, all aligning with diner's changing tastes.

-Chris Gudenzi

2024 National Restaurant Association Show® Draws
58,000 Foodservice Professionals with 6% Growth
Global Participation from 124 Countries and 9% Increase in Exhibit Space Highlight the Event’s Remarkable Success

 (PR) National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show® 

wrapped up Tuesday at Chicago's McCormick Place, reaffirming its status as the premier event for the foodservice industry. The Show attracted more than 58,000 foodservice professionals from across the United States and around the globe, representing 124 countries. The Show saw a 6% increase in total attendance—with 22% international growth—compared to last year, highlighting its growing influence and importance within the industry. With a 9% increase in exhibit space compared to 2023, the Show floor provided a comprehensive platform for industry professionals to connect and collaborate.


“The 2024 National Restaurant Association Show has once again proven to be the cornerstone event for foodservice professionals worldwide,” said Tom Cindric, President of Exhibitions for Informa Connect Foodservice. “This year’s Show not only showcased the latest innovations and trends but also provided an unmatched platform for networking, education, and inspiration. We are proud to lead the industry in bringing together such a diverse and dynamic group of professionals who are driving the future of foodservice.”


Photo: NRA

Better Earth states that 90% of their front of house

products, once disposed, turns to compost in 90 days. 

Juan, CEO of Bear Robotics, provides a cost benefit

analysis for restaurant robotics. 

Why does drinking out of a cup or glass taste better than drinking out of a can? This is answered as well as other benefirs if this clever low profile bar device useed by Heineken among others. 

Calcana makes state of the art Infrared Patio Heaters.. 

A fast growing baked goods business that is entirely free of refined sugar. The product line includes a signature cinnamon bun, . 

MIWE is a 100 year old Pizza Oven manufacturer

offering a large line of traditional and next gen


A very well established  business since 1953

and ressponsible for creating the first gas char-broiler. 

Renson is from Belgium, specializing in unique spaces such as pergolas, and lounges as well as ventilation systems. 


Capt. Ken's for well established ready serve. 

Diversified Foods delivers next gen shelf stable dairy.

NSF and why their safety certification makes a 

difference to your bottom line. 

Multi-award winning oil treatment which will save 

30 to 50% on your oil expediture. 


Photo: NRA



Show Floor

The Show floor buzzed with energy and excitement. Decision-makers from leading restaurants and foodservice operations converged to discover the latest products, technologies, and solutions. The Show boasted over 2,240 exhibitors, with 34% being first-time participants, reflecting a 6% overall growth from the 2024 event. The Show floor spanned over 723,400 square feet—over 12 football fields—offering attendees the opportunity to explore products and services across more than 900 categories. 

“This Show has completely elevated our business for wholesale and direct to restaurants and bars,” Aimée Sedky, co-founder and owner of Mockly and first-time exhibitor, shared her experience. “I could not recommend it more. It's just so rare that you get to meet so many decision-makers in one place. I feel like we got right to the people that matter and that's been really huge.”


This year, several key trends stood out on the Show floor, reflecting the evolving consumer demands for seamless customer service, convenience, and memorable experiences. One major trend was the focus on flavor experiences, with restaurants embracing global flavors, playful plating, and health-conscious options to captivate consumers. Another prominent trend was the integration of technology to enhance convenience, including AI-driven solutions such as voice assistants that enhance customer service, kitchen equipment with built-in sensors that free up staff, as well as innovations in AI-generated plant-based food development. Sustainability continued to be a critical focus, with many exhibitors highlighting eco-friendly products and zero-waste initiatives that set new standards for food production. Additionally, the rise of snacking as a response to changing consumer lifestyles was evident, with a variety of convenient and indulgent snack options on display.

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Chef José Andrés was the keynote speaker at NRA 24. 

His message?  Restaurants should find purpose!  "We are anchors of hope" he sytates and that it is not up to someone else to create change, it is you and I. 

He also touches on World Central Kitchen and the loss of life in Gaza by those working in his kitchen there. Also speaking on their purpose mission are

Chef Rochini Dey on empowering female restaurateurs to come together and Chef Tigit Reda on fund raising for people diplaced by war in Ethiopia. Food remains at the core of all the Chefs mission for a larger change.

Crop Field Aerial Shot

Coming up 
NACS Show 2024

  • Las Vegas Convention Center

  • Conference: October 7-10, 2024

  • Expo: October 8-10, 2024


Background of Chevron Decision & How it Impacts You

Original Ruling (1984):The Supreme Court decided that judges should defer to federal agencies' expertise when laws passed by Congress are ambiguous.

  • The Supreme Court decided that judges should defer to federal agencies' expertise when laws passed by Congress are ambiguous.

  • The decision, known as Chevron v. Natural Resources Defense Council, was intended to rely on the specialized knowledge of agency experts rather than judge...


C-In Depth

How is store technology on the rise and how this impacts consumer behaviour and streamlines retailer tasks. 


Technology in convenience stores enhances customer experiences with cashier-less checkouts, personalized shopping via AI, and mobile apps for seamless purchases. Retailers benefit from improved inventory management, energy savings, and advanced security. These innovations boost efficiency, customer loyalty, and adaptation to market trends like electric vehicle charging stations​  


C-Store Insider


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...from the archives
Spring 2016

Next Host Milano is October 17 - 21, 2025

HostMilano and Consorzio SIPAN join forces

to revamp MIPPP - Milano Pane Pizza Pasta,

the new international bakery reference


– Bringing to life an international reference in bakery events, and filling a representation gap in in Europe, by making Italian excellence and foreign players meet with a wider audience of operators –from global buyers to artisans from Italian regions.

This is the aim of the agreement signed between Fiera Milano Spa, the organizer of HostMilano, the world’s leading event in professional hospitality and food retail – at fieramilano in Rho from 17 to 21October 2025 – and Consorzio SIPAN, the consortium that will bring the leading Italian companies in systems and technologies for the White Art in the exhibition’s historic dedicated area, MIPPP – Milano Pane Pizza Pasta.

A combination revamping MIPPP as an international bakery reference

The participation of member companies will consolidate an already rich parterre of top Italian and foreign players flanked by the most interesting emerging, niche and excellent companies, thus bringing even greater attention to next-generation technologies such as automations and sustainable solutions.

The revamped MIPPP – Milano Pane Pizza Pasta will allow exhibitors to intercept new targets of Italian and foreign visitors in the food retail, large-scale retail and out-of-home markets, while it will add value to novel geographies with a strong tradition, such as Southern Italy: suffice it to say that South and Islands are the territory with the most bakeries in the country, over 2,800 compared to less than 2,500 in the second densest, the Northwest (source: Businesscoot).


Andrea Gaibazzi, President of Consorzio SIPAN, commented: “Italy hasn’t had so far a truly international bakery-focused event. HostMilano’s global leadership in Ho.Re.Ca. allows us to reach out to players from different sectors and markets, which increasingly see bakery as a cross-industry factor in food retail: for a wide range of operators, from artisans to small industries, this will be a unique opportunity to discover innovative technologies to develop their business.”

In addition to the exhibition part, MIPPP will also feature its own top-notch reference event in the event schedule in progress in all sectors, which will share data, trends and education through show-cooking moments and speeches by industry leaders.


A new business opportunity for a growing sector

For operators of all sizes, the revamped MIPPP – Milan Pane Pizza Pasta will represent an unmissable business opportunity in a fast-growing industry: the world market for bread and bakery products is estimated at $500 billion and it is expected to grow annually by 6.37 percent by 2028, reaching $640 billion (source: Statista Market Insights; Exactitude). In 2027, Europe alone will be worth $272 billion – more than half of the current global total – thanks to a 3.2 percent CAGR (source: Analytics Research Consulting).

As for retail sales alone, the worldwide value exceeds $218 billion and will reach $291 billion in 2030: sales are distributed in similar proportions (about 30 percent each) among large-scale retail, bakeries and online (source: CMI).

Looking at the Italian market, 46,000 companies generated revenues for €13 billion euros in 2023. Over 24,000 bakeries exist in Italy, about 20,000 being workshops and 4,100 retail outlets, producing a total of 216 tons of industrial bread and 1.5 million tons of fresh bread (source: AIBI; FIPE).


Promotion starts today

The agreement with Consorzio SIPAN, and the consequent reshuffle of MIPPP, will be presented with specific events in conjunction with the most important international appointments as part of Road to Host 2025: the journey toward the next edition featuring networking opportunities with a special focus on North and South America, Europe, Gulf countries and the Far East.

After the recent dates in Toronto and Chicago, the next stops include Denmark and Turkey in Europe; Riyadh, Jeddah, Dubai and Qatar in the Middle East; Singapore, Japan and China in Asia; Montreal, Las Vegas, Colorado Springs and Atlanta in North America; and Brazil and Mexico in Latin America.


To date, more than 900 companies are already registered to Host 2025, with about 400 of them (44 percent) from overseas.


For updated information:, @HostMilano, #HostMilano.

Milan, 19 June 2024

Natl. Restaurant Association Show
NRA Chicago 2023

Chicago NRA Show 23 Part 1

Chef and TV Personality Andrew Zimmern shares his views on plant based eating. Chicago NRA

Chicago NRA Show 23 Part 2

Chicago NRA Show Kitchen Innovation Award Recipients

Chicago NRA Show 23 Part 3

Food Fair Magazine
NRA  23 Buyer's Guide Issue

FF 2023 Cover1.png

NRA Show 23
Plant Based Focus 

 ISH Foods

  Motif Food Works

Natl. Restaurant Association Show
NRA Chicago 2022

Chicago NRA Show 2022 Full Video featuring 43 Exhibitors

Yosi is the CEO of RIpples and he discusses the benefits of beverage imprinting. 

Pastry Fashion




Cecile Logo.jpg

Our interview with

     Cecil Farkas Moritel.

Food Fair: When did your passion for food begin? Any big influencers? What is your training? The street, the Institute or Mom or Dad!?

Cecil: It comes from a family tradition linked to gastronomy but my vocation came relatively late after 10 years working in fashion. But my perseverance and passion for pastry enabled me to acquire an excellent education in some of the best places like Pascal Caffet.



Gunter Wilhelm

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