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Brave Robot Revolutionizes Ice Cream with New Animal-Free Category

The insanely indulgent ice cream from The Urgent Company is made with a one-of-a-kind animal-free whey protein

For the love of ice cream and the love of the planet, meet Brave Robot, the ethical indulgence that is everything ice cream should be. Made with a one-of-a-kind animal-free whey protein and changing how ice cream treats the environment, 
Brave Robot is the premier brand for The Urgent Company, a new, next generation natural foods CPG company that is committed to making the world a better place through everything from ingredients to conscious packaging.
The Urgent Company is using animal-free whey protein made by Perfect Day to bring Brave Robot to life. Made without the use of a single cow, Brave Robot is a new kind of animal-free dairy ice cream and is part of a new category that will change the future of food. Led by industry veteran Paul Kollesoff, The Urgent Company harnesses the latest innovations and food science to create revolutionary, exceptional tasting, and sustainable animal-free foods with less impact on the planet.
"Brave Robot is truly the best of both worlds, without sacrificing the ice cream experience or the environment. We are excited to bring animal-free dairy to consumers, creating a new ice cream category at retail that we can run with," said Paul Kollesoff, co-founder and general manager at The Urgent Company. "How we brought Brave Robot to market so quickly is a testament to the ethos of The Urgent Company: work hard and work fast to bring products we love to consumers that use less water, land, animals, and energy."
With its creamy indulgent taste and animal-free, planet-positive benefits, Brave Robot is a next generation approach to making ice cream everyone can enjoy. Instead of using dairy alternatives like nuts or pea protein to mimic texture, Brave Robot uses Perfect Day's non-animal whey protein, identical to the whey protein found in cow's milk. This groundbreaking dairy protein, combined with chef-created ooey gooey delicious chunks and inclusions, results in a frozen delight that delivers on the taste and mouthfeel of dairy but is lactose free, cholesterol free and vegan.
"Perfect Day makes animal-free dairy products delicious, but we don't make consumer products. That's where The Urgent Company comes in — created to push the envelope and harness today's most exciting innovations that seed a compelling, mission-critical point of view; one we think consumers are hungry for, and one embodied by Brave Robot's indulgently bold brand and products," said Ryan Pandya, CEO and co-founder of Perfect Day.  
So raise your cones in the air because Brave Robot is available now for $5.99/pint online and at select retailers, including Albertsons Southwest, Mollie Stone's and more. Launching with eight delectable flavors – Vanilla, A Lot of Chocolate, PB 'N Fudge, Buttery Pecan, Hazelnut Chocolate Chunk, Vanilla 'N Cookies, Raspberry White Truffle, and Blueberry Pie – with additional flavors currently in development. To learn more about Brave Robot and find out when it's coming to a retailer near you, visit BraveRobot.Co
Brave Robot is the premier brand from The Urgent Company, a new type of CPG company with a singular focus on the next generation of natural foods that harnesses the latest in innovation and science to create revolutionary, exceptional-tasting, and sustainable animal-free foods with less impact on the planet. Unlike plant-based alternatives that don't taste like dairy, Brave Robot uses a next generation approach to making dairy itself. Made with Perfect Day, using microflora, plant sugars and some old-fashioned fermentation to churn out whey protein without the cow, Brave Robot is the true taste and texture of dairy ice cream – and just so happens to be cholesterol free, lactose free, and vegan. It's deliciously smarter. Visit BraveRobot.Co to learn more.
Co-founders of Perfect Day, Ryan Pandya (L)
and Perumal Gandhi (R). 
Image Credit: Business Wire.
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