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Non-alcoholic beer sales growth in the past 52 weeks as of April 8, 2023.


The new products entering the non-alcoholic drinks segment are higher in quality than previous entries, which often languished on bottom shelves, retailers and marketers said. “No-alcohol wine and beer have been available in the U.S. market for a long time,” said Susie Goldspink, head of no- and low-alcohol insights at IWSR Drinks Market Analysis, a global beverage alcohol data and insights firm. “However, new entrants have garnered increased consumer attention through exciting brand propositions and enhanced flavor, in much the same way that craft beer has in recent history. Functional attributes from recently launched products resonate most with no- and low-alcohol consumers.” Marcus Sakey, co-founder of Ritual Zero Proof, a marketer of non-alcoholic liquors and aperitifs, agrees that new products with a focus on quality are giving the segment a lift. “The category can’t exist until the product is good enough,” he remarked. “It needs to taste close to the real thing.”

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