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for Full Service Dining


by Richard Stewart 

Food Fair Equipment Editor

The customer experience equation is simple. Your customer service plus eTouchMenu equals an unbeatable customer experience. eTouchMenu integrates SmartMenu™ software to your POS system, allowing devices to connect from each table top. You can choose either the convenient payment system of Clover devices or the full digital menu experience of tablet devices. Either way, your customers gain the ability to pay at their table after a meal, expediting the process for them and turning the table more quickly for you. In addition, tablets can display an entire interactive menu with high-definition images to sell your food and even upsell with promotions or daily deals. The menu can be programmed for several language options and is intuitive enough to be easily used by any guest. eTouchMenu also encourages the use of server smartwatches [hyperlink to Devices page] which work alongside our table hospitality devices. With the push of a button, a customer can request service from a server wearing the watch. This way, servers attend to the customers exactly when needed and can keep track of notifications from the kitchen for more prompt, efficient service. Faster table turns, increased server tips, and larger average checks are just a few of the reasons to choose eTouchMenu for full service dining.

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