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Host Milano

When: Friday 13 October to Tuesday 17 
            from 9.30a.m. to 6.30p.m.

Host 2023 looks to the future with innovation 
leading the way with more than 2,000 exhibitors from around the world.

2,000+ exhibitors, of which 40% international from 55 countries.

200,000 visitors, of which 40% international from 171 countries.


Spain, Germany, France,

United Kingdom and Switzerland.

With delegations from the USA,

China, Middle and Far East


  • Foodservice Equipment, Bakery, Pizza, Pasta

  • Coffee, Tea, Bars, Coffee machines, Vending, Gelato, Pastry

  • Furniture, Tableware


  • Smart Label - Host Innovation Award

Organized by under the patronage of ADI - Associazione Italiana per il Disegno Industriale 

  • Design Talks organized by


Bars, Coffee:


By Aicaf Accademia Italiana Maestri del caffè and ALTOGA Associazione Nazionale Torrefattori e Importatori di Caffè e Grossisti Alimentari



By Aicaf Accademia Italiana Maestri del caffè and ALTOGA Associazione Nazionale Torrefattori e Importatori di Caffè e Grossisti Alimentari



By Aicaf Accademia Italiana Maestri del caffè and ALTOGA Associazione Nazionale Torrefattori e Importatori di Caffè e Grossisti Alimentari



By Latte art Grading System and ALTOGA Associazione Nazionale Torrefattori e Importatori di Caffè e Grossisti Alimentari


Gelato and Pastry:

  • Luxury Pastry in the World


  • The World Trophy of Pastry Gelato and Chocolate

By Fipgc International Federation of Pastry, Ice Cream and Chocolate

  • Cake Designers World Championship

By Fipgc International Federation of Pastry, Ice Cream and Chocolate

  • The World Trophy of Professional Tiramisù

By Fipgc International Federation of Pastry, Ice Cream and Chocolate



Bakery, Pizza, Pasta:

  • Show-cooking

By A.P.Pa.Fre. - Associazione Produttori Pasta Fresca della Piccola e Media Impresa


  • The European Pizza Championship

Organized by the magazine Pizza e Pasta Italiana


  • Bakery Academy

Organised by the Milan Bakers' Association  


  • Panettone World Championship 

By Maestri del Lievito Madre 



Professional equipment:


By APCI (Professional Italian Chefs Association)


  • FIC Academy 2023



       By  FCSI


  • Digital transition, sustainability, skills: the big challenges of catering establishment

       By FIPE – Federazione Italiana Pubblici Esercizi



  • Food-Technology Lounge

By ANIMA Confindustria Meccanica Varia with its associations and by EFCEM Italia


Find out more about the events on:

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Host 2023 becomes more and more a knowledge hub 

thanks to more than 800 scheduled events.

  • Winners of the Smart Label - Host Innovation Award will be awarded at the event. Products will be displayed in the dedicated SMART Products area and included in an ad hoc publication, the Smart Label Index

  • Dozens of food service equipment and bakery industry events will be held with partner associations, including show-cooking and seminars 

  • Luxury Pastry in the World by Iginio Massari is back, with renowned guest pastry chefs from Italy and abroad as 

  • Coffee, pastry and ice cream will feature a full calendar of competitions and championships in 

  • Dedicated professional training will for contract professionals and out-of-home designers will complete the program


Milan, 20 July 2023 – It has always been the reference event for previewing innovative and sustainable products and concepts, and for bringing together supply and demand in the professional hospitality supply chain. And in the latest editions - number 43 is scheduled to take place at fieramilano in Rho from October 13 to 17 HostMilano has also increasingly become a knowledge hub that anticipates trends, presents data, and engages visitors in exciting challenges and championships thanks to a more than 800 scheduled events


Sustainable innovation will be the in the spotlight, together with events that respond to the diverse demands of operators, ranging from championships and show-cooking to conferences and seminars and professional refresher courses.


Smart Label: beyond trends

Program highlights include the awarding ceremony of Smart Label – Host Innovation Award, promoted by HostMilano and Fiera Milano in partnership with and sponsored by ADI - Industrial Design Association. In just six editions, Smart Label has become the global benchmark for innovations that make a real change in the industry. 

This is also evidenced by the significant turnout number: 157 submissions from Italy and abroad. Technology is the most innovative aspect in 40% of the applications, while sustainability counts for more than 23%. While products (almost 90 % of the total) still lead the way, an increasing number of concepts, designs, apps and software are also featured in the Host Innovation Award.


Not only will winners be awarded in an official ceremony during the exhibition, but their entries will also be showcased in the dedicated SMART Products area, a true stage for cutting-edge innovation, and included in an ad hoc publication, the Smart Label Index.


Professional catering and bakery prepare for the future.

Lifelong training is in the forefront in the food service equipment schedule.


Smart Food - Smart Chefs - Smart Future events will represent a roadmap of ingredients, people and sustainability outlined by APCI - the Italian Professional Chefs Association where the main feature will be APCI Chef Lab, the “smart” evolution of the APCI Chef Italia National Team. Major challenges in the restaurant industry - such as digital transition, sustainability, soft skills - will then be discussed in workshops by FIPE workshops - Italian Federation of Public Establishments. 

Also, the Academy 2023 organized by FIC - Italian Federation of Chefs will offer master classes, training and institutional meetings, while visitors can talk with consultants, designers and manufacturers from FCSI - Foodservice Consultants Society International in a large professional kitchen, seminar and meeting rooms and a lounge. The associations of ANIMA Miscellaneous Mechanics Confederation and EFCEM Italy will also bring to life a real Food-Technology Lounge with a full calendar of meetings, featuring technical/regulatory updates, business meetings and insights into market trends.

Alongside the show-cooking events by A.P.Pa.Fre. - Fresh Pasta Producers Association of Small and Medium Enterprises for pasta - with spokesperson, Paola Naggi, Italy’s Best Woman Chef of the Year 2018 - major championships such as the European Pizza Championship, organized by Italian Pizza e Pasta magazine, and the World Panettone Team Championship promoted by the Accademia dei Maestri del Lievito Madre e del Panettone Italiano (Academy of Italian Masters of Leavened Products and Panettone).


From bar to pastry, challenges reveal new trends

Conversations at the highest level on trends and new techniques for the pastry industry will be held at the Luxury Pastry in the World by Iginio Massari: “the master of masters” returns after the great success of the 2021 edition with a hub dedicated to the most creative and innovative pastry-making, which will host demonstrations, tastings and talks by more than twenty of the most important pastry chefs on the international scene, including Michel Belen Albi, Markus Bohr, Pierre Marcolini, François Stahl and Andrea Zanin.

Exciting challenges among great masters will also enliven this macro-area. In the gelato-pastry sector, FIPGC - International Federation of Pastry, Gelato and Chocolate returns with its exciting championships to Host 2023. The World Trophy of Pastry Gelato and Chocolate will see 12 Nationals compete in three different categories with, simultaneously, the Bakery Chefs' Awards. In the fourth edition of the Cake Designers World Championship teams from Italy, Brazil, USA, Poland, Belgium, Sri Lanka, France, Mexico, Peru, Japan, China, and Malaysia will challenge each other, while Italy, Japan, China, Peru, Colombia, Australia, France, and the Netherlands are the nations competing for the The World Trophy of Professional Tiramisu


In the coffee world, events organized by AICAF - the Italian Academy of Coffee Masters and ALTOGA - the National Association of Coffee Roasters and Importers and Food Wholesalers - are back. Coffee Addition, featuring a roadshow format across booths with Gianni Cocco and challenges among baristas are particularly noteworthy: in the Italian Coffee Grand Prix, baristas and coffee shop operators not only from Italy but also from AICAF member countries Croatia, Morocco, and Mexico will compete, while the Moka Challenge stands out for being a competition open to everyone. For the Lags Battle Italy/ World Lags Battle ALTOGA is partnering with Latte Art Grading System for the Italian national semifinals, and then the world finals of an event, involving 50 countries.


The upgrade for design professionals

Previews of future design offered by the exhibition layout will be accompanied by appointments in the schedule of events. Alongside Smart Label, a cross-sector award but of particular relevance to this area, again in collaboration with, Design Talks will be refresher seminars dedicated to architects and hospitality experts ranging from topics such as user experience, sensory design and wellness to the challenges of sustainability.


HostMilano will be held at fieramilano from

13 and 17 October 2023. 

For updated information:   @HostMilano.

A few key highlights of Host Milano 2023

This year Host Milano emphasizes the

growing importance of several key industry trends.

These are sustainability, digitalization, and experiential design as well as

Digital Out of Home Experience (DOOH) in the foodservice sector.


Digital Out Of Home Experience (DOOH): The digital transition in the industry is moving beyond simply photographing dishes at restaurants. DOOH is emerging as an immersive and integrated experience that incorporates technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and advanced social media. QR codes are now being used for traceability and conveying information about a location's values and products.


Technological Advancements: Emerging technologies are continuing to evolve, offering intuitive interfaces, automation of routine operations, remotely connected systems, versatile machinery, and more. There is a focus on energy-efficient and sustainable devices, including those made from recycled materials, aligning with the concept of the circular economy.


Sustainability and the "Attention Economy": The industry is increasingly recognizing the importance of sustainability. A shift towards an "Attention Economy" is occurring, emphasizing the need for daily attention to sustainability details that customers notice. Personalized and contextual messaging, along with innovative technologies, are used to integrate sustainability from the initial concept. This shift recalls a respect for traditional eating and drinking experiences.


Experiential Design: Design in the industry is becoming more multisensory and experiential, balancing technology with reassuring and enveloping aesthetics. There is a renewed focus on natural raw materials, traditional preparation methods, and greenery integration in designs.


Economic Impact: The push for digitalization and sustainability is driving economic growth in the food service equipment industry. The global food service equipment market is projected to reach $44 billion in 2023, with an expected average annual increase of +5.6% up to $76 billion by 2032. Italy is among the leading manufacturing countries in this industry, showing positive growth in various sectors.


Smart Label - Host Innovation Award: This program recognizes innovative products and concepts. Winners will be awarded at the event, and their entries will be displayed in the SMART Products area and featured in the Smart Label Index publication.


Professional Catering and Bakery: The event offers lifelong training opportunities, with events covering ingredients, sustainability, and more. The Italian Professional Chefs Association (APCI) will host APCI Chef Lab. FIPE workshops will discuss industry challenges, and the Italian Federation of Chefs (FIC) will offer master classes and meetings. Associations like ANIMA and EFCEM Italy will provide technical updates and market insights.


Show-Cooking and Championships: Events like the European Pizza Championship and the World Panettone Team Championship will take place. A.P.Pa.Fre. will host show-cooking events featuring renowned chefs.


Luxury Pastry in the World: The event will feature discussions on pastry industry trends and techniques. Renowned pastry chefs from around the world, including Michel Belen Albi, Markus Bohr, Pierre Marcolini, François Stahl, and Andrea Zanin, will participate. 

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Host Milano

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