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Kochman Consultants, Ltd.


When it comes to technology, KCL’s array of services brings value to every facet of the foodservice industry. For over three decades KCL has been a highly valued tool for designers by providing extra features and enhancements for a variety of design software.

The KCL CADalog has packed numerous invaluable tools and housed manufacturers’ content on one cd that has been the gold standard of our industry since 1985. The KCL CADalog can send CAD blocks to AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT. At the user’s option it can create item balloons with attribute data for schedules and other extraction. The KCL CADalog features custom blocks to instantly generate 2D and 3D drawings with selected specifications that are ready to send to AutoCAD. The KCL CADalog shows the dimensions of each drawing.

Our value to manufacturers has increased over time. For over 30 years KCL has provided a unified source for manufacturers’ symbol libraries. AS technology evolved, KCL expanded to provide the ability to create sales drawings, facility, layouts. Our web hosting service allows access from manufacturers’ websites to use KCL design tools while adding that manufacturer’s symbols to their design.

Dealers, sales reps manufacturers and service techs can all find value in KCL Mobile. The handy, free app includes spec sheets, CAD files, Revit files, manuals, docs, videos and list prices. The app user can search and view this information as well as email it to clients, builders, customers and more. You can even favorite your most often visited manufacturer for speedier searching. The app is great for anyone who is on the go as it runs on all android and iOS devices. A KCL Mobile user saves time accessing this information because there is no need to search on a computer or open a program. Subscribers to KCL services gain even more control over some of the content in the app.

Though the majority of designers use CAD, when working on larger-scale projects Revit/BIM often come into play. This is where KCL shines. Our KCL 5 interface makes searching for and loading families much easier. This application is also best for Mac users who don’t want to download or install a program on a computer.

Those in our industry who have known and grown with KCL are very familiar with the main products we have to offer. However, we have a depth of specialized offerings with which many are not familiar. At KCL we thoroughly enjoy educating our clients on all the facets of our services. We have done site visits to facilities but most often we host cyber meetings at our clients’ convenience during which we educate and demonstrate the many features KCL uniquely has to offer.

Kevin Kochman, president of KCL, is dedicated to continually refreshing and enhancing our technology-based services. By listening to our client’s needs and beta testing with actual users, Kevin has outpaced all by continually improving what KCL has to offer so this it will always be your most useful design/technology tool.

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