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MAGNESOL® Frying Oil Saver –
NRA 2020 Booth #5253
Interview with Kevin Ryan, Director of Foodservice Sales (N. America)
at The Dallas Group of America. He has been with the company for 15 years.
Tell us a little about The Dallas Group, the manufacturer of Magnesol®.
The Dallas Group of America (DGA) is a family-owned company, started by our founder Robert Dallas in 1989.  DGA manufactures products for the filtration of edible oils, both for industrial manufacturing and foodservice applications. We operate multiple manufacturing and packaging facilities in North America, Europe, and China.
Magnesol® is a unique means of oil filtration. What exactly is it and how does it work?
Magnesol® is a safe, food-grade powder that removes both solid and dissolved impurities from used frying oil to provide extra oil life and enhance food quality.  Our product is trusted and used globally in over 115 countries every day, thanks to our valued distributors.
There are many oil filtration systems on the market, why should someone choose Magnesol®?
Magnesol® continues to be the industry standard that all other filter media are compared to.  We service the world's largest restaurant chains and they continue to recognize Magnesol® as the most effective, economical, and simple way to ensure the highest quality fried products and tremendous cost savings. We also provide extensive oil testing in our laboratories that are staffed by AOCS-certified chemists.
What kind of savings would an average restaurant see using Magnesol®?
There are many variables (volume of oil, type of products being fried, hours of operation, cooking temperature, etc.) when it comes to savings, but we typically see a 40% or greater extension of frying oil life.  This could mean a savings of $500 for a small single fryer, or up to $20,000 annually per store for a large volume chicken restaurant. We will be conducting oil savings analyses onsite at the NRA Show (Booth 5253) for any attendees interested in seeing how much Magnesol® could benefit their operations.
Can Magnesol® be used in any fryer environment?
Yes… As long as there is mechanical filtration, Magnesol® will work with all types of frying oil and all types of fried food.

Kevin Ryan, Director of Foodservice Sales (N. America)

“…we typically see a 40% or greater extension of frying oil life…”
Is this product simple to use? Is training necessary?
It couldn't be easier!  Simply add the Magnesol® powder during the filtration process.  The powder remains in the filter box and acts like a magnet to attract and remove impurities from used edible oils.  Plus, we have a full team of oil management experts strategically located around the globe to assist you with onsite training, if needed.
Is Magnesol® is safe to use?  Does the powder remain in the oil?
Magnesol® is food grade and completely safe. Our product meets all the food grade specifications of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), and the Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) of the World Health Organization (WHO).  Frying oil passes through Magnesol® filter powder during the filtration process. The filter powder does not remain or dissolve in the frying oil. These findings have been third-party verified.
How does Magnesol® improve sustainability?
By using MAGNESOL®, restaurant operations will reduce oil consumption and waste, resulting in a positive impact on our environment and a safer workspace for employees.
Stop by for a demo at NRA Booth 5253 in the South Hall.
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