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“Using OiLChef in our 4 fryers has reduced our annual oil costs by 68%, improved our food quality and paid for itself in 3 months”
Jo-Ann Schiller, No.1 Dairy Queen

OiL Chef Wins Best Product 2019 Award at Restaurant Show

Food Fair Staff


Founder and CEO, Mr. Sean Farry, told the press “This is a fantastic milestone and a pillar of industry recognition. We are really grateful for this award and would like to thank all at the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association, industry peers and media who have voted for us. This award is a game-changer and we will continue to help restaurants reduce their frying costs, and make fried food healthier”



This eco-friendly technology significantly reduces the carbon footprint in kitchens and the award-winning technology behind the OiL Chef™ device is the only FDA approved solution of its kind approved for sale in the USA.
OiL Chef™ helps fry foods quicker, improving food texture, flavor, color and reduces the oil content of food (thus lowering calorie content -healthier fried food!) 
CEO, Sean Farry after receiving award
Best Product 2019 Trophy
OiLChef is the Worlds most trusted brand of innovative deep frying technology that reduces your fryer oil purchases by around 50 %, helps improve fried food quality with texture, taste profile, color profile & shelf life.
Your food cooks quicker and crispier, is less oily at a lower temperature!
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OiL Chef is helping thousands of professional kitchen operators to improve fried food quality and profitability. This small technological device is inserted inside a fryer to double the life of frying oil, reduce the energy required to fry the food and significantly reduce carbon footprint.
Fried food tastes better, holds for longer, is less greasy, which means less calories, and your customers love the eco-friendly contribution.
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