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The Shortening Shuttle®

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The Zeco®Eco was born out of the need for a stand alone high quality filtration machine which can take back of the house abuse.  Chefs have long known that the key to GREAT fried food is scrupulously clean oil.  Better Oil means Better Food.  They also know that ‘fresh oil’ can come at a high price.


For years, Chefs simply ‘threw away’ used oil when it ‘turned color’.  In this highly technical world, we now know what ‘causes’ dirty oil and how to properly measure particles in the oil and change or filter it based on independent data instead of someone’s judgment call about color.  In conjunction with new technical developments, recent years have seen cooking oil prices continue to rise to the point where simply throwing away used oil is no longer an option.  We know that proper filtration can extend the life of cooking oil up to 50%.


OutBack Steak House was searching for an answer to a problem they were having with regard to a product which created a large amount of debris in the oil.  The debris ‘clouded’ the oil making it hard to judge the ‘color’ and hence to know when to change it. Their return product index was rising.  Indeed, they barely made it through one meal service without some incident with the fryer.  The situation demanded attention.


The Zeco®Eco was brought in to remedy the problem...and indeed it did.   Because of its design the Zeco®Eco can filter ‘on the fly’ or ‘hot’.  This makes it extremely attractive to chefs who do not have the ‘down time’ to cool several fryers, wash out the debris, filter or dispose of the oil and heat it back to temperature. With the Zeco®Eco, 4 to 5 times.  Instead of disposing of their oil every 2nd day, Outback Steakhouse now has the chef or crew simply begin draining the hot oil into the tank while at the same time washing down the fryer.  With oil on board, the filtration unit is turned on and the oil is multi-stage filtered back into the fryer.  Each chef may choose how much or how little to filter the Oil by his choice of filtering product.  Each fryer takes only 1 four minute cycle to filter the oil 40%-50% clean.  That’s right.  By filtering the oil one can extend the life of the oil a routine that extends the life of the oil 40% AND their return/rejected product rate has dropped to nearly ZERO.  The savings realized in one month, can pay for a Zeco®Eco. 

The Zeco®Eco comes with the option of an 88 lb. or 120 lb. tank.        Call today for pricing or your appointment or visit or   and click on Zeco®Eco. Better yet, drop by our Booth 2437 for a live demo at the NAFEM Show Feb. 9-11 in Orlando.

The Shortening Shuttle®

Worcester Industrial Products Corp.

7 Brookfield Street

Worcester, Ma.  01605


The Zeco®Eco

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