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  The Sterno Group CEO, Don Hinshaw Announces Retirement

CORONA, CA September 15th, 2020 – Don Hinshaw, The Sterno Group CEO, has announced his

retirement effective December 31st, 2020, and Craig Carnes, Group President, Foodservice Products

Group, will become CEO of The Sterno Group effective January 1st, 2021. Mr. Hinshaw will continue on

with his role as an Executive Board Member. Mr. Carnes will continue to oversee the Food Service

Group. In addition, Steve Chambelin, Group President, Retail Products Group, and Steve Pellegrini, The

Sterno Group CFO, will report to Mr. Carnes.

Mr. Hinshaw first joined Candlelamp twelve years ago, and has overseen the acquisition of Sterno, along

with the acquisition of three other companies, Sterno Home (fka NII Northern International), Sterno

Delivery (fka sevenOKs), and Rimports.

“I am proud of the team and company we have built over the past twelve years. Our companies have

become the leaders in their respective industries, and are great places to work,” said Mr. Hinshaw. “With

the right people, culture, and leadership, many great things can be accomplished.”

Mr. Carnes stated, “On behalf of The Sterno Group, I would like to thank Don for his leadership over the

past twelve years. We have seen excellent growth, both organically and through acquisition, during Don’s

tenure. I look forward to building on that success by working with our talented employee base to continue

to deliver quality innovative products that provide solutions and value to our customers.”

About The Sterno Group

Headquartered in Corona, California, The Sterno Group consists of the companies Sterno LLC, Sterno

Home Inc., and Rimports,LLC who are the leading manufacturers and marketers in their respective

market segments. The Sterno Group is a subsidiary of Compass Diversified.

About Sterno, LLC

Known for the legendary line of iconic Sterno® portable heat food warming systems, along with creative

table lighting options, catering equipment, insulated food delivery products, and a line hot food home

entertaining products.

About Sterno Home, Inc.

An innovative leader in realistic looking and themed flameless candles, and a broad line of DIY

outdoor home and pathway lighting found at most retailers in US and Canada.

About Rimports, LLC

The premier manufacturer of scented wax and essential oil products sold in many mass retailers across the

country. Rimports operates under several brands including ScentSationals, AmbiEscents, adōr, Estate, and

Oak & Rye. Most notably, ScentSationals offers a full line of scented wax, wax warmers, pure essential

oils, and diffusers. These brands and broad line of products deliver pleasant fragrances to homes and

offices everywhere.

Media Contact

David Amirault

Vice President of Marketing



Chafing fuel product changes include a new concentrated gel formula in a

can using 10% less steel. 



Sterno Introduces New Sustainability

Efforts to Reduce Carbon Footprint


Food Fair Magazine speaks with

David Amirault,

VP of Marketing, Sterno Products


August 24, 2020


Chris Gudenzi: Hi David, thanks for joining us again.
David Amirault: Good to be with you.
Chris: I understand you have initiatives underway that are designed to lower Sterno’s carbon footprint.
David:  Yes, as leaders in the industry we are always looking at ways to better ourselves, including reducing our impact on the environment.
Chris: …and these new initiatives are pretty much top to bottom. From the chafing fuel mixture, to the steel of the can, to the packaging as a whole, to the savings in trucking emissions even.
Let’s start with the chafing fuel, what’s going on there?
David: That’s right, we looked at the entire supply chain, so seeing what our suppliers had to do, the way we handled materials, and how we shipped to our customers.
Chris: Then you have made changes to the actual can containing the fuel. Talk a bit about how this  impacts Sterno’s carbon footprint reduction.
David: First, we changed our Gel to be a more concentrated formula providing same great consistency and performance. Then we optimized the cans to use 10% less steel – to give you an idea, it is the rough equivalent of the steel used to make 2,500 SUV’s annually.
Chris: wow, that’s a lot.
David: Yes it is! In addition, our cans and lids are made from easy to recycle steel. This means that during the recycling process, magnets are used to easily sort the steel from the rest of the waste, which can’t be done with plastic and aluminum.
Chris: So as a result of the smaller size, these new cans require less cardboard for packing.
David: Right. Fewer trees are used, about 350 trees are saved each year and we help improve a carbon sink in the process.
Chris: All of these numbers do add up to make quite a difference.  
David: Yes, also, here we use Sustainable Forestry Initiative materials, a certification standard that is based on principles that promote sustainable forest management.
Chris: Since launching the changes, what have you learned from the field?
David: We’ve found that Sterno gel products have been used in many different ways for decades, and it has given us a chance to meet with our customers and find the ideal fuel from our product line to best fit their warming units. For example, some of our customers have been using our 2-hour gel products in banquet carts for long events, when for most of them, a 6-hour wick product is a much better fit.
Chris: Regarding raw materials shipping to the plant and distribution to the markets of the final product, how have all of these carbon footprint initiatives impacted these deliveries?
David: We have seen a quite a difference and it’s simple: smaller cans being delivered means fewer trucks incoming, and smaller finished packages means more space for other items which reduces the need for more outbound pickups. This equals fewer delivery trucks on the road.
Chris: Now to top it off we just need all electric trucks! I imagine those are coming.
David: I imagine so!
Chris: This has been great to cover for us. It’s always a good thing to see businesses adjust the means of production to keep up with the changing times! Thank you for your time today David, it’s been a pleasure.
David: The pleasure is mine, thanks for having me.
Visit Sterno Products at NRA 2021 in Chicago this year. They are located by the front of the North Hall, Exhibit 6912 and online at
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Sterno Mfg Plant. Memphis Tennessee 

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