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As anyone who has ever experienced fruit fly infestations in their business knows, controlling fruit flies is frustrating and traditional pest control products are often ineffective. After years of battling infestations and trying many fruit fly remedies and exterminators, we set ourselves to the task of finding an effective method of fruit fly control. The result of this effort is Fruit Fly BarPro and our customers agree as per their testimonials.

We performed extensive research to find a solution on and further prevent fruit flies from infesting your business and establishments and Fruit Fly BarPro was found to be effective for the fruit fly control and prevention of fruit flies. As an added bonus, studies have shown excellent results for eliminating pests listed on the product label, which includes flies, cockroaches, spiders, moths, silverfish, and gnats.

This unique product is easy to use; simply place the strip in enclosed, non-food areas. Once Fruit Fly BarPro is removed from the foil package, the air immediately activates the pest control ingredient. The product works similar to an air freshener, as the time released vapor moves into the crevices. This product is not a fly trap. Rather than attracting bugs, as a fly trap, the vapor reaches nesting areas for total elimination.

The strip will treat the infested area for up to 4 months. Fruit Fly BarPro is a cost effective alternative to expensive extermination services. Please browse our website to learn more about our innovative fruit fly control product and place your order online for fast service.

Fruit Fly BarPro 


Can I use Fruit Fly Bar Pro Fly Strips in my Bar?

YES! Our fly strips can be placed in areas approved in our label directions which include lavatories, mop closets and floor drains.

What do I do with the strips when I'm not using them but I've already removed them from their package?

EASY! Simply place the Fruit Fly Bar Pro Fly Strip back into it's foil packet, fold over the opened end at least twice and seal with tape until next use. We do not recommend storing Fruit Fly Bar Pro in zip lock bags. The efficacy of our fly strips is better protected in our foil-lined packet.

What is DDVP?

DDVP is the active ingredient in Fruit Fly Bar Pro. DDVP is 2,2 –Dichlorovinyl Dimethyl Phosphate.

Was DDVP ever banned?

NO! DDVP was never banned as a registered product. In fact, uses continue in agriculture to protect stored products and commodities such as stored grains.

How does the DDVP in Fruit Fly Bar Pro work?

Once removed from it's foil package, the impregnated resin (Fruit Fly Bar Pro Fly Strip) slowly releases DDVP vapors which is a cholinesterase inhibitor that acts on the pest's nervous system. Pests that are exposed to vapors from Fruit Fly Bar Pro Fly Strips are destroyed.

Is there an odor from the vapor?

NO! Fruit Fly Bar Pro vapors are virtually undetectable by humans and pests.

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