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4760 Paddock Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45229
1(877) 301-1004
Klosterman Baking Company - Your Wholesale Bread Supplier
In 1892, the Klosterman Family began baking hot French bread and rolls for local Cincinnati restaurants and now, over 125 years later, you can experience that same delicious tradition nationwide.  Our handcrafted artisan breads are baked fresh with simple ingredients from authentic family recipes and are conveniently available for frozen distribution. 
Just imagine the smell of fresh breads baking in a warm oven. As a restaurant owner, you know how the aroma freshly baked rolls or bread whets your customers’ appetite.  But what if you operate far away from any fresh bakeries, have multiple locations in different cities, or looking to grow your business but want consistency in quality and menu items.  Our frozen division plays an essential role in distributing our hearth breads, buns, and rolls by maintaining a network of strong partnerships with several of the nation’s most recognizable food service distributors to ensure available to any customer coast to coast.
Bring the taste and smell of fresh bread to your business as we cater to all facets of the food service industry. Regardless of the style of food on your menu, the right bread can enhance any dining experience so why not delight your customers with our artisan bread and bun selections today.  We believe in our century-old baking techniques starting with 48 hours of fermentation and hand scoring each loaf to ensure our bread is authentically artisan. We use the finest ingredients and pay close attention to every detail to ensure every bite is worth remembering. 
If you don’t see what you’re looking for, ask us. Our team has the experience and creativity to find or develop innovative solutions for your specific needs.  Contact us today by phone 1(877)301-1004 by email or online
About Klosterman Baking Co.
Klosterman Baking Co. is a fourth generation family-owned, certified WBE, independent wholesale bakery, headquartered in Cincinnati Ohio.  With over 400 varieties of hearth breads, sandwich buns, rolls, flatbread and organic breads available fresh in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Northern Tennessee, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and available frozen throughout the United States.
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